" hey there. this is aaron. first of all, thank you for considering the use of our band in your ministry opportunity. i simply wanted to take a second to share my heart for our ministry and for our generation.

it is my desire and passion to see our generation learn to become true followers of Jesus Christ. in doing so, we become worshipers for life. i am greatly convicted that worship itself is so much more than music. itís about submitting, obeying, and thus, glorifying Him with every moment, every day, every breath. through our music and our witness i pray that people can feel Godís holy presence and then respond to that presence in unhindered praise. we want to take the universal language of music and channel the great energy and power it holds toward the heavens. i truly believe that experiencing this kind of worship affects even the hardest hearts of the lost.

i know that my role as a leader is affected as much by who i am off the stage as who i am on the stage. my goal is to be real and transparent with all who join us in worship. when our music draws attention, I want that attention to be immediately pointed to God. each time we have the incredible opportunity to join with fellow believers, being 10 or being 5000, my desire is to give our very best to Him. to give of ourselves completely: physically, spiritually, and mentally. i pray that all who join us and know Christ will be inspired and encouraged to respond to God with us. responding with full submission to Him and celebration with reckless abandon. after all Heís done for us, He deserves that response from His people. my hope for the lost, who may be present, is that they be moved. moved by the beat, the energy, or the passion that pours from the hearts and voices of the worshipers on the stage and around them. ultimately moving them to seek the face of Jesus and His loving, merciful grace.

we look forward to worshiping with you and to partnering with you in this great task. please feel free to call or email me with questions or anything you may have concerns about. my phone is 317-576-6127 x.2333 or email me at aaron@aaronpelsueband.com thank you so much. until later."

-aaron pelsue

The aaron pelsue band is a high-energy praise and worship band that ministers to both the body of Christ and the unsaved of the world. Bringing a guitar driven, vocally pleasing, mix of originals and cover songs that cry out praise to God and honor to Jesus Christ.

The goal of the band is to build a relationship with the audience and come together as one body raising praises to God. The band plays to an audience of One and believes that He will be glorified in all they do. Those who may not know Christ will be inspired and energized by the presence of Godís Spirit in their music. Followers of Christ will be drawn into the worship and adoration of the Lord.

Whether your audience is 15 or 55 years of age, the aaron pelsue band will appeal and touch all who have a heart for Christ and a love for music.

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